Nature and Science for the benefit of humankind.

Advantages for humanity

The raw material of the future.

Creativity and science are almost magical. How about a product with an infinite life cycle?
Organic by-products are transformed into a new raw material that is highly scalable, moldable and can be discarded directly into nature.
Regeneration. We scientifically prove the positive impacts we generate on the planet: use of agricultural waste, combating global warming, CO2 capture, zero waste, biodegradability and compostability in domestic conditions, safety.
The next raw material revolution.


Abundant raw material in Brazil.

Brazil is the 4th largest agricultural producer in the world and the largest in Latin America, with emphasis on the production of wood and grains. In the same way that the country is one of the global leaders in the production of food, it is also one of the great generators of agricultural residues. For each ton of grain (such as corn, wheat, soy, beans, etc.) 2 tons of vegetable waste are generated, while in wood production 60% becomes waste. At least 750 million tons of agricultural waste is produced annualy in the country.

Our technology allows us to “transform” these residues into our Raw Material through a proprietary mycelium technology, boosting agribusiness and generating positive environmental impacts.


The magic

Mycelium as a natural glue.

Mycelium is a mass formed by clusters of hyphae (filaments of a fungus) that grow in plant materials and under favorable environmental conditions. In nature we can find mycelium as a network of white threads “hidden” in the earth, in decaying logs and under a mushroom.

Observing, investigating and learning from nature, Mush technology brings an innovative process that controls a natural process of mycelium growth, taking advantage of this network as an agent that glues agricultural residues together, forming a unique and solid material. Therefore, like all the magic that was hidden from our eyes, we learned how to use it, to unite nature and science, building sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives and regenerate the environment.

The transformation


The great technologies, innovations and disruptions in the world always have a spokesperson combined with an impactful speech, capable of selling a dream to humanity. Mush believes that the art, concept and trends of today’s world are generated by an ideal that we want to bring to the world, so we embrace the power of transformation that Design has to be the spokesperson of our technology.

With the versatility that the Mush material has to generate various formats and be moldable, our imagination is our limit. Through Design, we give meaning to our technology and share our ideal of producing and consuming in a more sustainable way. Each of our products tells a beautiful story that provokes, instigates and makes you fall in love.

We have several partners, including architects and designers who are developing projects with Mush materials that aim to show that sustainability should be something that touches people’s hearts and amazes them, opening up that sustainability is a thing of the present.

special and unique properties

Why is it magical?

Destination for agroindustry by-products.
Abundant and low-cost raw material.|
Reduction of environmental impacts.
Sustainable brand positioning, ESG.
Product with innovative, avant-garde positioning.
Highly customizable design.
Unique aesthetics and appearance.
Proven durability.
Thermal insulation.
Acoustic absorption.
Low density.
Fire resistance.
Customizable mechanical resistance.
Highly scalable production.
100% organic.
Truly sustainable.
Compostable under domestic conditions.


Our clients.

Industries and companies that think about the future. Creators, designers and architects.
All people in the world.
The environment.

Mush is today used in:
Decoration and Design.


The founders.


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